ThisNextThese days, it’s all about social media. But in the fashion industry, it’s all about social shopping, which is ten times better than social media because pretty things are involved. Cue social shopping and e-commerce site, While the site launched in 2006, it has flown under the radar until summer when it partnered with Lucky. ThisNext’s users and Lucky editors combined content to create a super unique and personalized on-line shopping experience. Users can personalize their account and create shopping guides or check out picks from top editors from an award-winning mag. Keep reading to learn more!

The site spans from clothing and accessories to home décor and lifestyle so it’s a super all-inclusive shopping trip. The site is similar to in the sense that a lot of brands and labels are aggregated into one page, but it’s even better than Shopbop because shoppers can see what fashion editors have in their shopping guides. It’s thrilling to add items to your own guide and then click through editors’ to see if you have the same eye for fashion as the pros. The site, being a social shopping site, also creates a list of trending items and recommended items so uninspired shoppers can easily browse through to see what’s hot or not.
It’s incredibly easy to create an account, no personalized codes or referrals needed! Navigating the site is also a piece of cake, there are links everywhere to direct to you items other users love or recommend. We can easily spend hours on this website, so what are you waiting for, ‘Nistas? Create yours today and get on it!