10 Fashion Rules every individual must follow

The world of fashion is full of innovations and happenings every day. Lots of new events and designs gets added to this world every passing second. Many times, it’s hard to figure out what’s trending if you’re not updated socially. Sometimes, it’s hard to cope up with the fast changing trends. At times, it’s hard to figure out what goes well with another and what’s not. What to wear and what to avoid. There is no Rule-Book or Protocol to be followed religiously to get your best look. And this volatility makes the fashionista keep going to read more and catch up with more interesting stuff wherever possible.

yHowever, there are some evergreen fashion tips or rules which are established since time immemorial but have equal significance even in the contemporary world of fashion. Some cultures die hard and today, we are going to list out just those evergreen habits which keep every individual up-to-date. Here are some basic style tips which could add significantly to your status quo and make you shine out, if followed regularly. Read on!

  1. If you like the thing, think once. If you’re comfortable wearing it, no need to think!

This seems like the most basic of all fashion advice and is quite obvious, but seriously, if a clothing item makes you feel comfortable and gives out positive vibes, no need to think again and again! Just take it out and flaunt it. But there’s more to this liberty of wearing your choice — Use this freedom of clothing judiciously, meaning you shouldn’t wear your comfy PJs to a client meeting or wear a bikini to a birthday party. Analyse the location, select the most comfortable thing and wear it. Wear your thing.

  1. Don’t sweat upon the size of the tags. Feel confident in whatever you’re wearing!

Sweating upon the size of tags won’t help much. It’s ultimately you — your body, your overall persona — who is going to feel the dress. Tags are meaningless, they’re just another numbers in your number-crunching life, build by different designers according to their designing standards. Remove them if you have to. You are unique — don’t make the designer generalise you.

  1. Look out for your budget and then go shopping — either online or street shopping.

This is the most genuine financial advice given to us by parents or accountants. In an age of urban poor, purchasing an expensive clothing and wearing it on an empty stomach won’t satisfy your inner human. Don’t just sway away at the expensive one-piece you just saw at that designer store. Prepare your finances, delay your gratification and think again if it’s the right thing to invest. Prepare for monsoon when it’s still summer. (Always keep some savings for emergency)

  1. Embrace your body. Don’t shy away focusing on someone you’re not.

Rather than focusing on your diet plans and becoming thinner or adding pounds to your slim figure, focus on who you are and then, style accordingly. The key is to understand the most important parts of your body and dress appropriately. Focus on figuring out what looks best on you, rather than being someone you are not. Once you have figured out what’s best for yourself, you will look much fit by just choosing the right clothes.

  1. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Everyone knows the truth about heavy discount sales. Flash sales are just another market force to keep consumption going, no matter what. Everyone love sales, but don’t get carried away by the lousy material offered at dirt cheap prices. Invest in something which you can wear for a long time instead of short term lousy clothes. It’s only a bargain if you wear it.

  1. Mix and match, Keep experimenting.

Experimenting with your wardrobe keeps the mind healthy and body going. Try to match the old denim with a pair of kurta and rugged shoes, or wear a loose crop top with leggings and high heels. Mix gold and silver jewellery. Mixing different fashion items will make you creative to experiment and even keep everyone curiously speculating what are you up to next!

  1. When it comes to makeup, less is more.

Many studies have shown the harmful effects of chemicals used in cosmetics, leading to pre ageing of the skin and in some cases, serious diseases like skin cancer. While you’re young, a plain lipstick or just a pinch of mascara can add to your beauty and keep you glowing whole day. Basic face wash, regular body cleaning and clean clothing add more to your style than expensive chemical makeup. Just smile and keep your face lit. You don’t have to be a model to look pretty.

  1. Never underestimate the power of a good accessory.

Accessories have the power to turn around your looks. Necklaces, Earrings, Scarfs, Sunglasses  —  have them in plenty, and match them with practically any outfit you wear. A pretty diamond necklace can add to your casuals or even at a gala night — you never know.

  1. Good Food equals Good Dude.

When it comes to listing of beauty tips, Food generally doesn’t make it to the list. But balanced food, adequate water, and a supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins are more important than chemically doped skin treatments. You will automatically have a sparkling face without any makeup. So, prioritise your expenses and make sure every pound adds to your health and physique.

  1. When in doubt, wear Black!

It’s evergreen, it’s slimming, and it’s sexy. And adding to that, it never goes out of style. Ladies who are worried about a few extra pounds, try something black! Black outfits will reduce the weight for you. Just choose a black tank top and a blue denim for an office party or a trip across the countryside — in short, you’re ready for every damn thing, ready to meet every person and stay awesome the whole day.

Also! Never forget the best accessory you have — just Smile, and there it is! 😀