10 Fashion Rules every individual must follow

The world of fashion is full of innovations and happenings every day. Lots of new events and designs gets added to this world every passing second. Many times, it’s hard to figure out what’s trending if you’re not updated socially. Sometimes, it’s hard to cope up with the fast changing trends. At times, it’s hard to figure out what goes well with another and what’s not. What to wear and what to avoid. There is no Rule-Book or Protocol to be followed religiously to get your best look. And this volatility makes the fashionista keep going to read more and catch up with more interesting stuff wherever possible.

However, there are some evergreen fashion tips or rules which are established since time immemorial but have equal significance even in the contemporary world of fashion. Some cultures die hard and today, we are going to list out just those evergreen habits which keep every individual up-to-date. Here are some basic style tips which could add significantly to your status quo and make you shine out, if followed regularly. Read on!

If you like the thing, think once. If you’re comfortable wearing it, no need to think!

This seems like the most basic of all fashion advice and is quite obvious, but seriously, if a clothing item makes you feel comfortable and gives out positive vibes, no need to think again and again! Just take it out and flaunt it. But there’s more to this liberty of wearing your choice — Use …


London – Full disclosure: I’m a Carmex girl myself. I’ve been a dedicated user/lover of the petroleum jelly lip balm since my days at Syracuse University. So besotted is my body to this product that I – literally – break out in an allergic reaction when I try other brands on my lips. But I’d risk an outbreak or two for this lux lip product: the Burberry Lip Charm. Awkward name aside, this cleverly constructed item triples as a lip gloss, a mirror, and a key chain – all in one. Something this sleek and stylish can only be the brainchild of Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of the Burberry. Find it in stores in late October, just in time for the holidays!

How much press can one downtrodden mass retailer get? Ask that magic question to the Gap which continues to rack up blog posts across the universe. Here we go adding to that mileage with today’s post: The Gap Bootie (not the Pierre Hardy one) will be in stores in December. Not sure why this is news – beyond the fact that every fashion blog is blogging it so we thought we’d follow the crowd. That said, we do see the value here: the boot is MAJOR – actually MAYJAH! It’s so major that even without being a Pierre Hardy for The GAP piece (as per todays reports) it is still very much worth the$195 they’ll be charging for it in December when this debuts!



London – So confused by this development. Recording artist Kelis, who at this point (and we say this with total love and compassion) is more famous for being rapper, Nas’ baby mother and ex-wife, than she is for her own recording career – just became a model. After several random and confusing spreads for various indie magazine’s she’s made the jump from editorial subject to fashion model. I’m at a loss as to which brands would sing Next’ new model on for campaign’s or editorials. Suggestions Blaynistas? We are happy to see anyone get a check. But stumped as to how Kelis is a relevant, let along profitable face for any brand. Just saying..…


These days, it’s all about social media. But in the fashion industry, it’s all about social shopping, which is ten times better than social media because pretty things are involved. Cue social shopping and e-commerce site, ThisNext.com. While the site launched in 2006, it has flown under the radar until summer when it partnered with Lucky. ThisNext’s users and Lucky editors combined content to create a super unique and personalized on-line shopping experience. Users can personalize their account and create shopping guides or check out picks from top editors from an award-winning mag. Keep reading to learn more!

The site spans from clothing and accessories to home décor and lifestyle so it’s a super all-inclusive shopping trip. The site is similar to Shopbop.com in the sense that a lot of brands and labels are aggregated into one page, but it’s even better than Shopbop because shoppers can see what fashion editors have in their shopping guides. It’s thrilling to add items to your own guide and then click through editors’ to see if you have the same eye for fashion as the pros. The site, being a social shopping site, also creates a list of trending items and recommended items so uninspired shoppers can easily browse through to see what’s hot or not. It’s incredibly easy to create an account, no personalized codes or referrals needed! Navigating the site is also a piece of cake, there are links everywhere to direct to you items other users love or recommend. We …


We love popping into stores and boutiques but with this July heat, we’re sticking to online shopping and the greatest invention ever – the air conditioner. That being said, we stumbled onto UsTrendy.com, an e-tailer that sells indie and vintage wares from emerging designers, boutique owners, and vintage sellers. Shoppers can fall in love with one-of-a-kind dresses, knits and tops, outwear, accessories, and more – but that’s not even the best part. Keep reading to see which other features we love!

We seriously have a place in our hearts for underground and emerging designers, so we really love the designer profiles in the “Behind the Seams” blog. It’s great for the designers to get their name in the market and great for shoppers to put a face to the name. Designers such as Patrick Clemens, Rachael Eagens, and Filipa Pinto have all been featured and they each sell their designs on the site. Our favorite feature on the site is the added value for designers.

Designers that have no money can easily list their items for sale, similar to Amazon and eBay – but better. Designers can also upload their portfolios and enter competitions to win funding. One of the recent competitions (and one of the best awards we’ve heard of) was a chance to showcase his or her designs during London Fashion Week including an all-expenses paid trip. How’s that for an award?

But don’t just listen to us, check out the site for yourself here and let us …